What qualities do you look for in a dentist? Well, if you’re thinking of one who is experienced, highly skilled, gentle, and who can provide equally impressive care to both you and your children, then you have come to the right place. Our family dentist in Surprise meets all those criteria and more. And when it comes to everything from routine dental exams to restorations, root canals to tooth extractions, full-tooth replacements, cosmetic work, and of course the finest in pediatric dental care, you can count on us.

For both adults and children, the cornerstone of healthy teeth and gums is a twice-yearly dental exam, along with periodic x-rays, and a teeth cleaning. Next to your own efforts to eat healthfully, limit sugar intake, brush after meals, and floss thoroughly every day, there is nothing more important when it comes to your dental well-being. Our family dentist puts in the extra effort to ensure that our office and staff are welcoming to your child. Her or his early experiences with dentistry are likely to form the basis for a lifetime attitude about dental treatment. It is our goal to make those first visits positive ones, non-threatening, and even fun.

When you find a dentist with whom you and your children are comfortable and happy with, you don’t want to be shuttled off to an unfamiliar face every time you need something more than an exam or a filling, do you? Of course not. And our family dentist is pleased to offer a variety of valuable services, all of them performed expertly as you would expect. While root canal therapy is not something anyone looks forward to, when you have severe pain from an infection, it is absolutely necessary. Thanks to advanced techniques and equipment, you can expect that experience to be much more comfortable than its reputation. In fact, most patients report little or even no pain at all. Should all efforts to save a tooth prove impossible, a tooth extraction is a last resort. Again, you can depend on a smooth and comfortable process.

Regardless of what you need- a dental implant, dentures, a crown, or a full set of porcelain veneers, our family dentist can address it for you. To promote your optimal dental health and your very best smile, contact us today and schedule an appointment.