Do you have a tooth that is damaged and needs to be restored? If so, your problem may easily be solved with the use of a porcelain crown. A porcelain dental crown can make your tooth look and function like new. If you would like to get a crown at our dental office, simply contact our office for an appointment.

At our practice, our excellent and highly-trained dentist is Dr. Frevent Millet. You will find our office, staff and your entire experience at our office to be nothing short of wonderful. We provide a stress-free environment and offer the highest quality of dental care. Many of our patients come to us needing dental crowns for teeth that are damaged or need some kind of support. Dental crowns are used to correct many different tooth problems. A dental crown can be used to help teeth that have experienced some kind of trauma that has resulted in a chip, crack or break. Additionally when you have too many large fillings in a tooth it can cause problems over time, calling for he need for more support for the tooth.

At our dental office our patients generally get porcelain crowns to restore a tooth after root canal therapy. Porcelain crowns can also be used in purely cosmetic situations. Sometimes if a tooth is misshapen or is severely discolored and cannot be whitened, it will be covered with a porcelain crown. Crowns will not only strengthen your tooth but will also help protect your tooth from any further damage. At our practice, Dr. Millet will work very hard to make sure that any dental crown you get will perfectly match your adjacent teeth. This way no one will be able to detect that you have a crown in your mouth. The crown will also feel just like your natural teeth. It will be fitted perfectly in your mouth, and will be totally comfortable. When you leave our office you will not even be aware it is in your mouth. Porcelain crowns are also used as the top part of a dental implant. In this application, the porcelain is permanently attached to the titanium root portion of the implant. If you would like to come to our office for a comprehensive dental exam, or to get a great porcelain crown to restore one of your teeth, contact us today.